regie: Merel Beernink

Increasingly often Islamic veils frame the blue eyed faces of Dutch women. The documentary That Paradise Will Be Mine shows three young Dutch women who have converted wholeheartedly to the Islamic faith. They are stuck in a constant cultural split between the expectations of their...

regie: Dana Lixenberg

Music Video voor Anouks 'One Word'. 


regie: Hans Heijnen

In the town of Sittard in the Dutch province of Zuid-Limburg, the tradition of the procession of St Rosa on the last Sunday in August is over 300 years old. St Rosa is the patron saint of the town. When filmmaker Hans Heijen, who was born, baptised and raised in Sittard, was reacquainted with...

regie: Jos de Putter

How Many Roads is a road movie through the poetic landscape of Bob Dylan’s songs and through today’s America. The film presents twelve portraits of followers of Dylan, each portrait associated with a line from a song. Those portrayed are of different ages, backgrounds, and convictions; what they...