regie: Frank van den Engel & Masha Novikova

The circus was the only entertainment on a journey of many months along the ancient Silk Road from Europe to China. In Uzbekistan, currently a dictatorship, the circus is as alive as it was in the days of Genghis Khan. The circus acts, too, have changed little.

Two circus artists are...

regie: Sander Veeneman

Fotograaf/regisseur Sander Veeneman maakte in zijn leven vele fotoreportages in ontwikkelingslanden. Als aanklacht tegen de aanhoudende armoede in de wereld en de schaarse media-aandacht die er voor dit omvangrijke probleem was, richtte hij drie jaar geleden de stichting first8 op. Hij maakte...

regie: Frank van den Engel

On the idyllic island of Lipari near Sicily a few traditional swordfish hunters are still active. The days are over where these fishermen were self-evidently succeeded by their sons.

On board Nino’s ship, the reigning peace is not what it appears to be. The twelve-man crew that mans the...

regie: Dorien Janssen

Three, two, one… go! Scores at hand, the coach erupts in a cacophony of musical instruments and limbs as The Ricciotti Ensemble invades yet another city square. Random audience and passers-by freeze, momentarily vexed by the unexpected, and...

regie: Rob Hodselmans

Singer and actress Ellen ten Damme is a young woman with a full diary and a tremendous zest for life. Alway on the road, and up for anything wild. Ellen lives her life to the full, one hundred per cent. That is her strength and her credo.

In 2005, when Ellen is 38 years old, she is...

regie: Walter Stokman


From all Dutch prisoners in foreign countries outside Europe, most are in the Dominican Republic. They are caught for smuggling of harddrugs. In this documentary Dutch prisoners show us how they survive behind bars.