regie: Astrid Bussink

The oldest primate laboratory in the world, located in the enchanting former Soviet republic of Abkhazia, was virtually destroyed during its struggle for independence from Georgia. But the lab workers refuse to give up their lab and have come up with a new idea to restore it to its former pride...

regie: Nordin Lasfar

To a street football player, the most excruciating disgrace imaginable is when an opponent passes him by playing the ball between his legs: a panna. The larger the crowd watching this happen, the bigger the humiliation. Panna came into being on one of Amsterdam’s many urban football fields and...

regie: Prosper de Roos

Just imagine that we were to get in touch with extraterrestrial intelligence. Now, in our lifetime! There is a small group of people who are seriously taking this unlikely scenario into account. Their daily life is spent looking for signals from extraterrestrial civilisations and wondering how...

regie: Aliona van der Horst

“All my poems are about love and death; there are no other themes” – wrote Boris Ryzhy, the famous young Russian poet in 2000. “But despite everything, I’m happy with my wife and son.” A year later this charming hooligan poet hung himself. He was just 26 years old.

As the filmmaker...

regie: Patrick Bisschops

The rebellious guys from the Dutch band The Bloody Honkies celebrate their regional roots in the musicvideo Heretic.

regie: Hans Heijnen

Johnny Hoes – founding father of popmusic in local dialect, can look back on an impressive career, in which he, together with his family, determined a great part of Dutch pop history; it was not always easy. 

regie: Denise Janzée

A personal documentary by Denise Janzee, made in an attempt to get closer to her mother Willeke van Ammelrooy. On movie sets and on screen, Denise saw her mother cry, laugh and fight. At home, however, Willeke shut herself off when she was sad. “I’ll only come back out once I’m smiling again....