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in production

regie: Guido Hendrikx

In a classroom newly arrived refugees learn a lesson about multifarious Europe.

regie: Sarah Vos & Sander Snoep

A top executive who can't bear to regard himself as a loser, even after nearly dying in the New York marathon; a woman unable to cope with the loss of her wealthy status after her divorce; and an a

regie: Coco Schrijber

In How To Meet a Mermaid the sea connects the lives of Rebecca, Lex and Miguel in, on and under the surface of the water.

regie: Jeroen Berkvens

In Daughters of Soul five daughters of world-renowned soul stars meet one another both in past and present.

regie: David Kleijwegt

Singer, musician and composer Donny Hathaway died at the age of 33. On Saturday January 13th in 1979 he was found on the landing of the third floor of the Essex Hotel in New York.

regie: Aliona van der Horst

Film maker Aliona van der Horst inherited a room of six square meters in a Russian house.

regie: Klaas Bense

Documentary on the ‘forgotten’ artist Berthe Morisot, who was the only woman among the founders of impressionism.

regie: Jessica Gorter

A documentary about how the impact of the national history of the Soviet Union has nestled itself in the minds of modern-day Russians. 

regie: Jaap van Hoewijk

April 1987 28-year-old Piet Beentjes disappeared. Ever since his sister Toos has tried to find out the truth behind Piet’s disappearance.