Soldier’s Bones

In 1971 Newsweek-reporter Alec Shimkin (27) discovers a secret US-led military campaign: Operation Speedy Express. He exposes war crimes on a scale that makes the widely known My Lai massacre pale by comparison. Yet almost nobody knows Alecs scoop, who himself is still missing-in-action in Vietnam. What Pulitzer-worthy story have we missed here? In the trail of Alecs quest and his childhood obsession for war, the documentary ‘Soldier’s Bones’ searches for Speedy’s deadly echo in the Mekong Delta.




While studying communication sciences at the University of Amsterdam, Kasper started as a freelance journalist. He made several radio documentaries for the Dutch public radio broadcaster, but in 2007 made a switch to television. There he made documentaries for the Dutch Public Broadcasting and mainly worked for VPRO and Holland Doc. In 2012 he completed his master’s degree at the Dutch Film Academy. Kasper has worked on various documentary and fiction projects. His previous films are: Dear Oprah (VPRO 2008), The Voice of Generation Obama (VPRO Backlight 2009), Survival of the Biggest (VPRO Backlight 2010),  Daddy Doll (VPRO Doc 25) and Plaza Man (IKON 2014).

This film is now in production.


D.O.P: Victor Horstink, Diderik Evers

Sound: Diego van Duden

Executive Producer: Elize Kerseboom

Line Producer: Margreet Ploegmakers