The Return of the Wolf

A wolf’s journey through the rural areas of Poland and Germany to the Netherlands.


An exciting and moving story of the return of the wolf to the Netherlands. A hundred years ago, wolves were driven out of Western Europe. In the dense forests of Eastern Europe, however, small populations survived. The small remaining populations in eastern Poland and beyond steadily started to advance in numbers and dispersing to the west. Wolves can cover huge distances in their search for a new territory, sometimes more than a thousand kilometers. Experts expect that soon the first pack will settle permanently in the Netherlands. Will the wolf return to our country for good? And if so, how do we deal with that?

    Director Cees van Kempen

    Cees van Kempen graduated as Master of Science at the University of Delft and worked in Nigeria, Ethiopia and Indonesia. Previously Cees made portraits of the kingfisher, the beaver and the kestrel; Animals that were considerably reduced in number, but now do well in Dutch nature.