Calling E.T.

Just imagine that we were to get in touch with extraterrestrial intelligence. Now, in our lifetime! There is a small group of people who are seriously taking this unlikely scenario into account. Their daily life is spent looking for signals from extraterrestrial civilisations and wondering how we, earthlings, should present ourselves if we were to make real contact. There is a protocol for the big moment. The wish to speak as one world. But will we manage to do that?  Old tensions dating from the Cold War between the West and Russia, are surfacing again in this area. Can contact with extraterrestrial beings help to solve the problems of our planet?

But what are we to imagine ‘extraterrestrial intelligence’ is like? Are they like us people; gregarious animals, anxious and violent? Do they see a future enemy in us? Or has E.T. evolved further and will they teach us people how to interact with one another? The film gives a penetrating insight into our human fears and longings.




    Prosper de Roos

    Regisseur Prosper de Roos maakt
    documentaire – en fictiefilms. Hij studeerde aan de School voor Fotografie te Den Haag en aan de St. Joost Kunstacademie te Breda. Kenmerkende elementen zijn vaak ongewone onderwerpkeuze en benadering.

    Winnaar Golden Olive Award 2002 voor “A night with Michael”. International Bunker Festival, Ciaixe, Italië.
    Winnaar Nederlandse Academy Award 1998. Voor documentaire project: “Ik ben Boos, Lorenzo & Daniel”.


    Camera: Rob Hodselmans
    Sound: Benny Jansen
    Editor: Jos Driessen, Govert Janse
    Composer: Jeroen Goeijers
    Excutive producer: Jaap van Hoewijk
    Producer: Frank van den Engel
    Commission editor nps: Annemiek van der Zanden

    Sript coach: Eugenie Jansen
    Production russia: Edwin Trommelen
    Russian assistent: Marina Drozdova
    Subtitles: Erik Pezarro , Masja Novikova, Carla Kloet
    Translation: Eva Mesker
    Voice over: Peter Bolhuis
    Sound mixer: Jeroen Goeijers
    Theremin player: Wilco Botermans
    Offline edit: Studio Vermeer
    Grader: Jef Grosfeld
    Online: Loods Lux & Lumen
    Artwork: Kunny van der Ploeg
    Production managers: Willemijn Cerutti, Jorinde Sorée
    Assistent producer: Charlotte Sarneel, Mara Mouwen

    Supported by
    Dutch Cultural Broadcasting Fund
    The Netherlands Film Fund