Three, two, one… go! Scores at hand, the coach erupts in a cacophony of musical instruments and limbs as The Ricciotti Ensemble invades yet another city square. Random audience and passers-by freeze, momentarily vexed by the unexpected, and curious to what awaits them. They witness a symphony orchestra assemble before their eyes in under two minutes. The ensemble falls silent, the conductor counts down. Both people and square are enveloped by Glinka’s overture; conquest is imminent.

With Counterpoint director Dorien Janssen portrays two worlds colliding. That of the young and talented, classically trained musician – full of idealism and aspirations – confronting the reality of every-day life, the vacuum consuming the pedestrian and the less fortunate. Itintroduces us to hobo’s and the homeless, asylum seekers and the detained, the unexpectant passers-by and residents of Pijnacker square in Rotterdam; all listen, and react, in their own way, in their own time, on their own terms, on their own turf. This leads to touching and amusing confrontations between the two – often opposing – worlds, in which both gain harmonic coherence whilst retaining a degree of independence. Before going their separate ways again, changed.



Dorien Janssen
Scenario en regie ‘Corsokoorts’, winnaar IDFA scenarioworkshop 2001
Regie De wandeling – Brabant tv – 50 wekelijkse afleveringen van regionaal cultuur- en natuurhistorisch programma.

Youth at risk – Videoregistratie van jongeren die in de criminaliteit dreigen terecht te komen voor het Nederlands Instituut Zorg en Welzijn.

research en scenario;
Normaal – Ik kom altied weer terug – NPS
Katwijkse Twisten – NPS – Dokwerk
Doen of laten – scenario over beslissingen op de afdeling neonatologie van het AMC

Redacteur / verslaggever NCRV Man bijt hond


Written & Directed by: Dorien Janssen
Cinematography: Stef Tijdink, Adri Schrover, Jelle Odé, Dorien Janssen, Marc Homs
Sound: Bouwe Mulder, Fokke van Saane, Marjon Wassenaar
Edited by: Denise Janzée
Sound mixer: Paul Gies
Color grading: Ronald van Dieren
Producer: Frank van den Engel
Executive producer: Jorinde Sorée
Commissioning editor NPS: Annemiek van der Zanden

This film was produced with support from:
Dutch Cultural Broadcasting Promotion Fund