Curaçao reveals the collectively repressed legacy of the Dutch on their former colony and offers a disturbing look into the influence this has on the contemporary Curaçao community. The film dives into the Dutch community of their former colony of Curaçao. At first glance, the Dutch don’t seem to care much for the island. They get together at parties and on the golf courses at the private resorts that belong to Dutch project developers. The blacks and whites on Curaçao hardly ever speak to each other. What necessary relations there are seem awkward and strained. But above all: in silence. Until the manager of the local Albert Heijn supermarket makes his black employees and the white management take a course with the motto: “Why do Antilleans refuse to be leaders?”. In the film it becomes clear, slowly but surely, that the Dutch hardly have any idea about their role in the island’s past. Let alone about the vast influences their role has on contemporary society. By examining this, Curaçao unravels the less pleasant aspects of the character of a trading nation that believes it always functions as the perfect role model.

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Sander Snoep

Sander Snoep has worked as a DOP for (50) documentaries, (4) feature films, (12) television fiction productions and (15) art film productions since 1989. Some documentaries he combines camerawork with directing and editing. Documentaries: The New Rijksmuseum, director Oeke Hoogendijk (2008) Art Farm, camera and director (2005), North Korea, A Day in the Life, director Pieter Fleury (2004), Ramses Later, director Pieter Fleury (2003) First Kill, camera, co-director and editor, (2002).

Sarah Vos

Reliance, An African Saga (2009)
Who The Hell Is Donald Hawkins? (2009)
Big Brother in the Middle East (2004), Nipkow Award, IDFA screening.
Welcome to Holland – Campus Vught (2003), Honourable Mention, Nipkow Award, nomination Best Documentary Dutch Film Festival, Silver Zebra Award, Second best Audience Award IDFA.
Bluhende Landschaften (2002).
Director from various programs between 1999-2002 for VPRO’s music documentary program Lola Da Musica, for example a family portrait on singer/songwriter Beck. Nomination Dutch Academy Award.


Idea, script, director -Sarah Vos
Cinematography, director -Sander Snoep (N.S.C)
Sound -Chris Everts, Kees de Groot
Montage -Sander Snoep, Denise Janzée
Editor -Denise Janzée
Music -Marc Lizier
Sound editing & mix -Peter Flamman
Executive producer -Jorinde Sorée
Producer -Frank van den Engel
Commissioning editor NTR -Annemiek van der Zanden