On the Track of Robert van Gulik

Robert van Gulik (1910-1967) is one of the world’s most popular Dutch writers, but relatively unrecognized in his own country. A diplomat, Chinese specialist and scholar, he became famous with his detective series about Judge Dee, which in many ways, are projections of his own life: a permanent duality between his real life and the hero in his books.

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Rob Rombout

Rob Rombout is an independent filmmaker. His films are screened at various international festivals and European broadcastchannels.  Recent films as  ‘Amsterdam USA Stories (2012), Panamerica (2010), Amsterdam via Amsterdam’ (2004) and ‘Canton, la Chinoise’ (2001) were awarded in the US and Canada. His work has a broad variation: between videoart (‘Entre deux Tours’, 1987) and traditional documentary at 35mm (‘Black Island’, 1994). Travels are a returning theme in his work, from ‘road, boat & train movies’ about ‘Queen Elizabeth 2’ to the roadmovie ‘Amsterdam Stories’ (which is in production).

Rob Rombout teaches at the School for Audio Visual Arts Sint-Lukas in Brussel and is a renowed international guest-teacher.


Director: Rob Rombout
Cinematography: Stef Tijdink, Benjamin Wolf, Stefano Bertacchini
Production: Eric Goossens en Frederik Nicolai
In co-production with Off World. With the support from Dutch Filmfund