That Paradise Will Be Mine

Increasingly often Islamic veils frame the blue eyed faces of Dutch women. The documentary That Paradise Will Be Mine shows three young Dutch women who have converted wholeheartedly to the Islamic faith. They are stuck in a constant cultural split between the expectations of their families and friends and the demands of their new conviction.

Astrid (22) wants to start a family and is looking for a good, Islamic man. As she lives in Ruinen, a rural village, the search for a husband is considerably difficult.
Inge (25) has found an Egyptian husband. She is deciding whether she should give up her life in Leiden to live a stricter, Islamic life in Cairo.
Rabia (29) from the city Breda has been married for ten years to a Muslim. She wants to expand her devotion to the Islamic faith and struggles with matters like polygamy, homosexuality and if she should wear a veil to cover her face.

Filmmaker Merel Beernink delves deep into the personal lives of these women to show us the consequences of their choices.


Merel Beernink

Merel Beernink finished her Theatre School (Eindhoven) in 1995.  After seven years directing plays she turned to directing documentaries. For Dutch public broadcaster AVRO she made three series of portraits of photographers called ‘Hollands Zicht’ (Dutch Vision). That Paradise Will Be Mine is her first long documentary.


Director and Screenplay:  Merel Beernink
Editing: Denise Janzeé
Photography: Nicole Batteké, Merel Beernink
Sound: Chris Westendorp
Production: Laura Bronkers, Willemijn Cerutti
Research: Merel Beernink, Karlien Pijnenborg
Soundmix: Harold Jalving
Producer: Frank van den Engel

A Zeppers Film & TV production in co-production with IKON. With the support from Dutch Media Fund.