Troubled Children

That children have psychological problems has almost become normal: in every classroom there are boys and girls who are diagnosed with ADHD or with an autism spectrum disorder such as PDD-NOS – even the abbreviations are becoming established. It has also become more common practice to ask for help with such complaints.

This documentary portrays the daily routine of Riagg Rijnmond’s paediatric department’s practitioners. Subjects such as how parents can handle children with psychiatric disorders, the pros and cons of diagnosing and raising children in a modern-day, demanding society, pass the review. How can children with a disorder – and their parents – be helped and what does the rise of the number of ‘children with a diagnosis’ tell us about today’s society?


Ingeborg Jansen

Ingeborg Jansen (Amsterdam 1965) graduated in 1991 at NFTVA (documentary and montage) and in 2010 at the Erasmus University Rotterdam (Master Criminal Law). From 1991 on she has been working as an independent documentary film maker. In 2013 she made Troubled Children with Zeppers.


Concept & Director Ingeborg Jansen camera Ingeborg Jansen, Maasja Ooms Editors Paul de Heer, Patrick Minks, Ingeborg Jansen sound recordist David Spaans, Ingeborg Jansen music & sound mix Jeroen Goeijers executive producers Judith Vreriks, Simone van den Broek 

Troubled Children is a co-production of Zeppers Film with IKON TV. This production was supported by the Dutch Cultural Mediafund, the Rotterdam Mediafund and Fonds Psychische Gezondheid.