Valkenburg in de Geul (IN PRODUCTION)

A documentary portrait series of the picturesque Limburg town of Valkenburg and its inhabitants, who literally and figuratively try to keep their heads above water. In the summer of 2021, the river Geul flowed through the streets and catering establishments, attractions and houses were flooded within one night. Since then, the city has been trying to recover from the (im)material damage. Mistrust of The Hague has grown due to promises not kept, such as paying for all damage that insurance does not cover. The relentless resilience of the residents and the willingness to help each other is the absolute predominant, but what if climate change means that a flood on this scale is no longer unique?


VALKENBURG IN DE GEUL is a documentary series produced by ZEPPERS FILM in co-production with NTR, and is supported by CoBO.


Expected release: 2024



Hans Heijnen




Although Hans Heijnen (1957, Sittard) is aiming for a career as a horror film maker as a student at the film academy, he has been active as a documentary maker since 1989. Heijnen makes documentaries in Australia, America, Ireland and the Netherlands. Although he explores the international space with his subjects, the basic theme of his films is small human histories.