Daddy Doll

On a U.S. military base in Louisiana one of the last major troop deployments to Afghanistan is coming up. Thirteen hundred soldiers say goodbye to their partners and children. They do not know exactly for how long. It could be 9, 12, maybe for 15 months, depending on their mission.

In the 25-minute documentary “Daddy Doll”, Aiden (6) prepares to say goodbye to his father, Martin (26). A doll in military uniform will keep Aiden and the other children on the military base company, while they wait for the return of their fathers from Afghanistan.

Together with his parents, sister, brother, and the children of 14.000 other families, Aiden spends his youth behind the high gates of an army base. A safe world, although the war always feels close to home.


Kasper Verkaik

While studying Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam, Kasper Verkaik started working as a freelance journalist. He made several radio documentaries for Dutch Public Radio. In 2007 he switched to television and made documentaries for Dutch Public Television, specifically for VPRO’s Backlight and Holland Doc. In 2012 Kasper finalized his Master at the Dutch Film Academy. Since 2009 Kasper has worked on various documentary- as well as fiction projects. Previous films: Dear Oprah (VPRO 2008), The Voice of Generation Obama (VPRO Backlight 2009), Survival of the Biggest (VPRO Backlight 2010), Daddy Doll (VPRO Doc 25) Plaza Man (IKON 2014).


In coproduction with VPRO. With the support from th Dutch Media Fund.