De Betuwelijn: ge houdt d’r niks aon tege

A 50-minute documentary about the impact of the construction of the Betuwelijn [a cargo railway line from Rotterdam to Germany, constructed in recent years] on the landscape and local people. Director Jenne Sipman was born in the Betuwe region, and in this documentary she gives her personal views on this dramatic event in the history of the Betuwe.


Jenne Sipman
Jenne Sipman is a director and filmadvisor en working as a teacher at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht and the Schrijversvakschool Amsterdam.


In co-production with IKON. With the support from Cobo-fund. Opening Film at Gelders Film Festival “Nieuwe Blikken” october 2004. Script, Jenne Sipman; Director of Photography , Jackó van ‘t Hof, Kester Dixon; Sound, Wouter Velthuis, Mike van der Sluijs; Editor, Vera Jong; Sound Design, Harold Jalving; Production, Laura Bronkers.