Rex Gildo -the fall of the king of schmalzy hits

The fall from a second storey bathroom window of his Munich apartment in 1999 abruptly ended the life of Germany’s most successful schlager singer Rex Gildo.

During his career of forty years Rex Gildo sold millions of hit records world wide. He was known for his schmalzy songs as well as for his well-groomed appearance. He always dressed to a tee, carefully maintained his suntan and had a toothpaste-ad smile. For many years Rex Gildo was the main act at the schlager festival of Kerkrade. In the eighties the popularity of schlager music waned and his musical career tailed off. Rex Gildo wouldn’t accept this. He kept climbing back on the stage, even though it was now set in run-down theatres and at wedding parties.


Hans Heijnen

Hans Heijnen was born in 1957 in Sittard. He studied political science and in 1981 he went to study at the Dutch Film Academy; he graduated in 1985. He wrote various filmscripts for the EAFA and First Floor Features. Since 1988 Hans Heijnen is working as a freelance-documentary filmmaker voor NOS/NPS and VPRO. After two nominations he received a Golden Calf for is Documentary works at the Dutch Film Festival. (1996). In 1999 he won the Silver Spire Award at the San Francisco International Film Festival for his documentary: “Lisdoonvarna, Lourdes of Love”. In september 2000 the Dutch Film Festival held a retrospective of his films which show the life of people in rural areas, which is a theme in his work.


Script, Hans Heijnen; director of photography, Rene Heijnen; sound, Paul Veld, Jac Vleeshouwers; camera assistant, Flossie Bartels; editor , Ewoud Hendriksen; sound design, Wim Post; production, Laura Bronkers, Willemijn Cerutti; commissioning editor NPS, Cees van Ede.

In co-production with NPS. DVD-release: Videofilm Express. Cinema Release: Cinema Delicatessen. Sales: SND-films.