Here I Am

A top executive who can’t bear to regard himself as a loser, even after nearly dying in the New York marathon; a woman unable to cope with the loss of her wealthy status after her divorce; and an ambitious financial couple confronted with their unresolved family matters.

Every Sunday, in their upper class Bloemendaal church, the cutting sermons of reverend Ad van Nieuwpoort shake their faith and existence to the core. What drives people to be crushed by the weight of their ambitions?


  • Here I am from Sarah Vos and Sander Snoep will be released in Dutch cinemas May 11th, and screened in De Filmschuur in Haarlem, Het Ketelhuis in Amsterdam, De Verkadefabriek in Den Bosch and in LUX in Nijmegen. Directors Sarah Vos and Sander Snoep and......


Sarah Vos & Sander Snoep

Sarah is making documentaries since 1999, such as VPRO Tegenlicht.

Sander is cameraman for fiction film and documentaries but also directs and co-directs documentaries.

Sarah and Sander made Curacao at Zeppers in 2010. The film won the Netherlands Film Festival Press Award of the year 2011.


Directed by: Sarah Vos & Sander Snoep
Camera: Sander Snoep
Sound: Mark Wessner, Kees de Groot
Executive producer: Judith Vreriks
Producer: Frank van den Engel
Senior editor IKONdocs: Margje de Koning
A Zeppers Film production with IKONdocs and supported by the Netherlands Film Fund, the Dutch Cultural Media Fund and CoBO