Lords of the Ring

The documentary (50′) is a first-hand testimony by some locals in the Netherlands’ southernmost province Limburg. They took the opportunity to rise above the rigorous catholic life style and chose to travel, live adventurously and risk their lives on a daily basis. With great discipline, cleverness, intimidation and plain bluff, adventurers from all over Europe were prepared for the most dangerous profession in the world: lion tamer. International circuses and film studios frequently visited the training school. But the tigers, polar bears, lions and elephants have now made way for the thermal baths of spa Thermae 2000. Almost no one remembers the once world famous animal training school in Valkenburg. These romantic notions contrast sharply with the withdrawn and marginal existence that the gods of the olden days leadin the latter days of their impressive careers. In spite of their advancing age, they have a hard time taking leave of their work with predators. Heroism has made way for melancholy and decline.


Patrick Bisschops

Patrick Bisschops, oa. la Vie en Chantant (2006), Richie Backfire! 2 meter hardcore (2000).


Script, Patrick Bisschops and Vincent Loozen; Director of Photography, Wiro Felix; Sound, Hens van Rooy and Frenk van der Sterre; Editor, Patrick Minks; Sounddesign, Huibert Boon; Chief-editor L1: Henk Jacobsen; Production, Laura Bronkers and Willemijn Cerutti.