Marching Lassies

For the drum majorettes of brass band Beatrix, being a majorette means more than being able to prance around town in a short skirt. In the very Dutch documentary Marching Lassies the girls make their way through the daily life of an adolescent and discover who they are.

Club life in their village of Dongen, North Brabant offers them the chance to mature into young women within the safe boundaries of a small community. Here, they are faced with universal themes like friendship, love and identity. Far from the big city, the Beatrix majorettes in all their purity show the vulnerable nature of the adolescent.


Maartje Bakers


Director of Photography, Menno Westendorp; Sound, Jillis Molenaar; Editor, Denise Janzée; Musuc, Aico Lind and Bas van Lisdonk; Msound design, Harold Jalving; Production, Marie Kempe, Willemijn Cerutti.
In co-production with NTR. With the support from Dutch Media Fund.