Mr. Right

New York City is known for its wealth of opportunities but to actually survive the city economically and emotionally, you need an iron-clad sense of self-confidence. Under all circumstances, time and time again, you need to be able to sell your most important product: you. Many New Yorkers feel lonely and insecure, but do their utmost to hide those feelings.

After September 11th, many New Yorkers seemed to drop their meticulously maintained facades. Now more than ever, the daily lives of many single women in New York is controlled by their search for Mr. Right. These single New Yorkers have realised that the world can collapse within the blink of an eye and they are looking for a hand to hold their own when it does.
In this film we follow three New York women (between the ages of 32 and 45) in their pursuit for love. Openheartedly, they talk about their ‘checklists’, which itemise the demands a future partner would have to meet, and their desire to marry. Friends, parents and siblings of the three women talk about their personalities, their quirks and about the impact the city has on their lives. This film searches for the essence of their masked loneliness.


Dree Andrea
Dree Andrea (The Tunnel, All visitors Must Be Announced).


In co-production with IKON. With the support from Dutch Cultural Broadcasting Promotion Fund, Dutch Film Fund and CoBO-fund. International Sales: Ampersand.

Screenplay, Dree Andrea; Sound: Lucas Longacrel; Editing, Elmer Leupen; Cinematography, Amy Rice; Music, Claus van Mechelen. Production Laura Bronkers, Willemijn Cerutti.