Putin’s Olympic Dream

Putin’s Olympic Dream is about the rapid transformation of the city of Sochi. In just a couple of years it has to be refashioned from a nostalgic Soviet holiday resort, filled with gorgeous sanatoriums, into a modern Russian city. The Olympic Winter Games are held here in February 2014, and literally everything and everyone has to yield in order to turn this status project of President Putin into a success.

In co-production with VPRO. Involved broadcasters: NRK, VRT, RTV Slovenia, Poland.
World Sales: NPO Sales / Kaisa Kriek


More Alive Than The Living: Putin’s Olympic Dream




Hans Pool

Hans Pool (1962) studied Audiovisual Design (camera and direction) at the Royal Academy in The Hague. He examinationfilm “Polderweg 106” (1992) is a documentary about the solidarity between two elderly brothers living on a remarkable farm trying to make ends meet.  Over the past 20 years Hans has made many succesful television series and documentaries. In 2009 he received the honarouble mention Nipkowschijf for the 7-part television series on issues that concern everyday life in Russia: “From Moscow to Magadan”.


Director: Hans Pool
Camera: Gregor Meerman
Sound: Alex Tugushin
Editor: Jouke Dubel
Composer: Alex Tugushin & Vladimir Shobanov
Broadcaster: VPRO