Plaza Man

On the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated, November 22 1963, Robert Groden turned 18. Kennedy’s death changed his life. In 1975 Robert shocked America as he released the Zapruder film on national television. This home movie of Kennedy’s assassination forced the American Congress to reopen the investigation and turned Robert into America’s most famous JFK conspiracy theorist. But his quest comes at a high price. Far-removed from his family, Robert sits at a small table on Dealey Plaza in Dallas every day, looking out over the spot where Kennedy was assassinated, telling people what he believes happened there.

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Kasper Verkaik

While studying Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam, Kasper Verkaik started working as a freelance journalist. He made several radio documentaries for Dutch Public Radio. In 2007 he switched to television and made documentaries for Dutch Public Television, specifically for VPRO’s Backlight and Holland Doc. In 2012 Kasper finalized his Master at the Dutch Film Academy. Since 2009 Kasper has worked on various documentary- as well as fiction projects. Previous films: Dear Oprah (VPRO 2008), The Voice of Generation Obama (VPRO Backlight 2009), Survival of the Biggest (VPRO Backlight 2010), Daddy Doll (VPRO Doc 25) Plaza Man (IKON 2014).


Director Kasper Verkaik | camera Tibor Dingelstad | sound recordist Diego van Uden | editor Patrick Schonewille | music Marc Lizier | sounddesign & -mix Paul Gies & Marc Lizier | executive producer Judith Vreriks | commissioning editors IKON Margje de Koning, Barbara Wiessing | produced by Frank van den Engel

This production is supported by the Dutch Cultural Media Fund.