The Art of African Fashion

A documentary about West African fashion designers. After serving as a source of inspiration to fashion designers all over the world for decades, the time has come for African designers to conquer Paris and other fashion cities with their own style and colour palette.

The African love of beauty and splendour, of deco­ration and embellishment, of social events, cele­brations and parties forms an ideal breeding ground for designers and stylists to develop their creativity. And just as sports and music have given an enormous impulse to the self-consciousness of a new generation of Africans in the last few decades, fashion seems to give new energy to the creativity and inventiveness of artists and designers. The broad spectrum of African fashion, from the traditional beauty and splendour to the present-day translation of the African consciousness, is highlighted in the documentary by using three key figures.


Jenne Sipman
Jenne Sipman is regisseur en filmadviseur en werkzaam als docente op de Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht en de Schrijversvakschool Amsterdam.


In coproduction with AVRO, RTE (Ireland) and SVT (Sweden), with the suport of CoBOfund, Prins Claus Fund and NCDO.

Director of Photography, Bernd Wouthuysen, Wiro Felix; Sound, Charles Kersten, Hens van Rooij; Editor, Dorith Vinken; Production, Dorien Janssen.