White Poverty in the new South Africa

After South Africa abolished apartheid and formed a new government, a lot changed for the good. The black population has gotten more rights and opportunities in a more democratic society, but not everyone has profited from the new situation. Poor Whites -South Africa’s New Subclass- is the story of several white families who have lost their jobs and fallen into poverty as a consequence of preferential treatment for blacks. They are known as the “poor whites,” a group that hardly gets discussed but that is rapidly increasing in size. Director Saskia Vredeveld films an older couple that tries to help by picking up food at the supermarkets and meat auction and handing it out to the poor. They do not get any financial support from the government for their work, and it is only thanks to their determination that they manage to keep their heads above water.

They bring us along to Coronation Park, an encampment just outside of Johannesburg where a large group of primarily white people live in wretched conditions. Many of them are bitter and dejected; they feel abandoned by the very government that they once helped to elect.



Saskia Vredeveld

Na de film academie begonnen met regisseren van comedy sketches, muziek programma’s, videoclips, reportages, voorlichting films, kinder series, cultuur- en jongeren programma’s. Documentaires gemaakt voor VPRO, NPS, IKON, Humanistische Omroep, Vara, EO, BNN, SBS6, NMO en diverse productie huizen. Scenario’s geschreven voor singel plays, televisie en speelfilms. Van 2000-2003 mede-eigenaar en coproducent van Springbok Film. In 2004 begonnen met Peacefield films. Gewerkt als jurylid voor het Gouden Kalf, alternerend adviseur Nederlands Fonds voor de Film, gastdocent documentaire en camera werk voor diverse regisseurs.


Director & Camera: Saskia Vredeveld.
Edited by Riekje Ziengs.
Line producer: Mara Mouwen.
In co-production with IKON.
With the support from CoBO Fund.