Nowadays, eroticism is usually considered as an immoral, licentious and obscene form of entertainment. Latter-day eroticism tends to consist of one-dimensional, loveless and primitive pictures of the female body, made solely to titillate and pleasure the male viewer. In FLO, the genre is not illustrated from the male perspective but from the female, contrasting with the traditional role patterns in the erotic industry. As a result, the female body becomes tangible for both sexes. The film FLO attempts to restore eroticism to its original context as a distinguished and socially acceptable art form. FLO is visual poetry: an ode to the female body.


Danielle Kwaaitaal

Danielle Kwaaitaal geldt als een van de pioniers op het gebied van de hedendaagse videokunst. Begin 2003 verscheen haar eerste solo DVD “HI & LO on tour”. Met haar videowerk FLO vervolgt zij haar zoektocht naar de vrouwelijke sensualiteit.



With (a.o) Ellen ten Damme. Producer, Willemijn Cerutti. With the support from The Netherlands Film Fund (O&0). Distribution Videofilm Express