How Many Roads

How Many Roads is a road movie through the poetic landscape of Bob Dylan’s songs and through today’s America. The film presents twelve portraits of followers of Dylan, each portrait associated with a line from a song. Those portrayed are of different ages, backgrounds, and convictions; what they have in common is that without Bob Dylan they would not be who they are. His creations have a sometimes funny, sometimes dramatic, but always far-reaching influence on these individuals’ lives. Structured like an album, the film presents a quest for meaning in America’s contemporary history.
In competition for Joris Ivens Award IDFA ’05. After that it travelled along various festivals such as Sao Paolo Film Fest., Visions du Reel/Nyon and Hotdocs.



Jos de Putter

Jos de Putter (1959), born in Terneuzen, The Netherlands, finished his studies in 1984 as a political and literary scientist. He worked as a film critic for SKRIEN and different newspapers. From 1988 till 1992 he was a member of the editorial staff of Skrien. De Putter publishes as a freelance journalist in the following newspapers NRC handelsblad, de Volkskrant, De Groene Amsterdammer, Hard Gras en De Gids. He makes programmes for Diogenes, VPRO from 1995 till 1998. In 1993 he makes his first documentary IT WAS A LOVELY DAY, followed by SOLO, the favela’s law in 1994, 1999 The making of a new empire, 2002 Brooklyn Stories, 2002 The Damned and the sacred, 2004 Alias Kurban Said.


Camera, Vladas Naudzius; Sound, Rik Meier; Editor, Patrick Minks; Sounddesign, Michel Schopping / Mark Lizier; Music Composer, Vincent van Warmerdam; Line Producer, Maja Trivanovic.
In co-production with HUMAN and Diepte Scherpte. With the support from Dutch Cultural Broadcasting Fund, the Netherlands Film Fund and CoBO fund. Released by Cinema Delicatessen. International Sales: Ideale Audience.