How to Meet a Mermaid

In How To Meet a Mermaid the sea connects the lives of Rebecca, Lex and Miguel in, on and under the surface of the water. The sea is both beauty and danger, friend and foe. Through the mood of the ocean, the audience becomes part of the doubts, sadness and courage of the protagonists who seek help in the ocean. Director Coco Schrijber also turns to the ocean for answers about her missing brother Lex, but however understanding, vigorous or tranquil the sea is, eventually it is just water and indifferent to our questions. Rebecca, Lex, Miguel and their family left behind must fend for themselves.

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Coco Schrijber

Coco Schrijber studied at the Rietveld Arts Academy from which she was expelled. Her debut In Motion premiered at IDFA and won first prize in CFF, Rome. Her first feature documentary First Kill (about one’s addiction to killing) was selected for the International Competition at IDFA, won the Press Award at The Dutch Filmfestival and the Audience Award in Kosovo. Her short Wonderful World won 6 international prizes. Bloody Mondays & Strawberry Pies (about the upside of boredom) won five international awards, the grand prize of The Netherlands and was the official entry for the Oscars. Coco is a much appreciated mentor, lecturing at the Dutch Filmschool, the Mexican Filmschool CCC (centro de capacitación cinematográfica) coaching numerous projects both Dutch and foreign and gave masterclasses in Malmö & Athene’s. Last year her screenplay Ola’s Universe was nominated for the Visser-Neerlandiaprijs (2014).


Screenwriter and director: Coco Schrijber
Camera: Lars Skree (
Sound: Tim van Peppen
Editor: Gys Zevenbergen

This film is a production of Zeppers Film in co-production with VPRO and Off World, with the support of the Netherlands Film Fund, the Dutch Cultural Media Fund and Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF).